CLAS Therapy

CLAS Therapy


This innovative CLAS therapy program is an experiential form of therapy which helps individuals cope with stress and facilitate relaxation. CLAS therapy employs the use of color, light, aroma and sound all at once. CLAS therapy reorganizes the central nervous system creating a state of balance. Once the central nervous system returns to a state of balance, an individual can better manage stress and achieve relaxation. Disease has a tough time surviving in a body where cells are vibrating at a frequency of inner peace. There are programs to specifically address sleep issues, trauma, pain, addiction, anxiety, depression, and athletic enhancement.

The program can be used for weekly management of anxiety and stress. Each specific therapy session begins with a visual color bath followed by a series of colors and nature scenes that are specifically matched to address the chosen session and corresponding therapeutic issue.  This is done in conjunction with binaural music and aromas. No two sessions are alike. CLAS therapy is complimentary with other therapies such as massage, cranial sacral, acupressure, facials and reflexology.

Each CLAS Therapy session uses an associated series of color, light, aroma, and sound. During your session you will be viewing images consisting of individualized colors and light, with scenes of nature, while listening to binaural music through headphones… in conjunction for a synergistic approach to long lasting healing health. You can train your brain to change brainwaves to a lower frequency through meditation. However, this does not happen in one day, it takes time, by incorporating regularly scheduled sessions clients can rapidly enter a relaxed state of mindfulness.


Color and light have been used for therapy since ancient times. Light is an important source of energy. All colors on the spectrum come from sunlight. Light enters our eyes and causes hormone production. Each cell in our body emits and absorbs frequencies of color and light. There have been many studies showing the healing effects of color on the mind, body, and emotions. Our skin absorbs color. Each color on the spectrum has its own frequency and wavelength. Each color has a unique energy. Each color on the spectrum is associated with a certain area of the body and affects us emotionally, physically and mentally. There are chemical and emotional components to light. Light gives off heat electricity and magnetism. Colors can affect the body and mind in diverse ways.  Humans have emotional responses to color and there are responses in the body. Color provides us with all the energy we need to maintain a healthy mind, body and spirit. Studies have shown that our mental health and behaviors depend largely on color balance in the body. When colors are out of balance, we can rebalance them through conscious use of color. If the body is lacking certain colors, this can cause disease. If circadian rhythms are out of balance, it can result in sleep issues or depression. Colors can influence the level of energy and energy flow in the body. When using the Lounge with color therapy, certain pre- determined colors are integrated into a visual therapy screen. Colors have been shown to have a healing effect on both mind and body. The goal of chromotherapy is to balance energy flow in the body. There are 7 energetic fields or chakras in the body, 7 colors on the rainbow spectrum and 7 musical notes.