We offer Organic Herbs, Organic Essential Oils, Massage Therapy, Face and Body Care as well as all-natural organic hand-crafted formulas for healthy living.
Our natural herbs are meant to balance, restore, rejuvenate and energize your body – explore the wonders of nature and start feeling the difference
Six Oaks Wellness Apothecary Love herbs so much that we teach classes to help spread the word. We will discuss a wide range of health topics, and every monthly class is about a different body system and how herbs and food can help heal that system. We also have great herbal tea blends, and natural products to help make your holistic living easier!


Inspired by health guided by the laws of nature


Our Commitment

Our commitment to our customers is providing the purest quality of herbs possible. Our Organic products are custom created with each client in mind. We are not doctors here at Six Oaks Wellness Apothecary, but we do love to talk about healthier living through the use of herbs for energizing, rejuvenating, balancing, and detoxing all body systems.

Our Mission

Six Oaks Wellness Apothecary wants to spread the word about Natural Holistic Living through the use of Herbs. All life and pharmaceuticals began with a plant. Plants give energy and life. Come join us in exploring the plant world and create a better heathier way of living.

Share the Message

Six Oaks Wellness Apothecary is committed to teaching and spreading the word about using plants as a way to natural wellness. Yes, we get that there will come a time when you need over the counter pharmaceuticals or a medical doctor, but as you practice with herbs you will find there are less side effects and herbs are far more nutritional and rejuvenating for all body systems. Come join one of our monthly classes to learn how herbs can work for you!!
We take the constitution and desired outcome of the client into consideration when making our formulas.
Products are made with plant based materials and are suitable for use by vegan or animal lover alike.
I never test on animals nor purchase ingredients from suppliers that do.