Lymphatic Massage

Lymphatic Massage


Lymph Drainage Therapy (LDT)

Lymph Drainage Therapy is a method of stimulation your lymph and body fluids. It is a very gentle hands-on procedure that will help you eliminate fluid retention, cleanse your body and eliminate toxins and trapped proteins in your tissues. It will stimulate your immune system, help you to relax, and release stress and emotional trauma. It has many other effects on your body as well. To receive the best results, you should respect the following preliminary procedures.

Before the Session
You are encouraged to tell your therapist if you have any medical conditions, including thyroid problems, a high fever or infection, acute heart or kidney conditions, a fresh scar or burn, or if you are menstruating or pregnant. You should also mention if you are wearing contact lenses.

For optimal results, and to prepare the system for your cleansing, please drink a lot of water or fresh juice for the two to four days preceding a session.
At a minimum, eat lightly the day of your initial drainage in order to avoid possible toxic reactions. Raw fruits and raw or steamed vegetables are preferred.

During the Session
It is not necessary for you to disrobe. Share with your therapist if your back or neck are uncomfortable or if you feel cold. Prepare yourself to relax and be completely cared for – this is a special time for you.
The therapist will need to concentrate in order to achieve the best results; therefore, silence is appreciated during the slow, rhythmic movement of the lymph drainage. During the session, your practitioner may ask you to breathe deeply and slowly at various times in order to activate the lymphatic system.

After the Session
You will be encouraged to give any feedback or share any feelings or emotions you may have felt during the session.
You may or may not have post-treatment reactions. You may want to sleep a lot, or you may experience sluggishness or muscle aches. This simply means toxins are being eliminated from your body. Be sure you are steady before driving.
It is very important for you to drink water as much as possible to help flush out the toxins. At the end of your session, your therapist may give you a questionnaire to fill out. You are invited to share any improvements or experiences you had during or after your sessions.